From Plant to Cup - Why Our Coffee Tastes Better

Cherry Picked

In our world, red means go. That’s when those all-important coffee cherries are ripe for the picking.

Fresh cherries mean fresh beans, which means fresh coffee. That’s why we only buy from the most recent harvest.

Hello, Sunshine(The Dry Method)

In hot climates, cherries are sun-dried to loosen their skins and milled to remove the outside layers, making for coffee with bigger body.

A Good Soak(The Wet Method)

The beans are squeezed out of their skins, soaked in a fermentation tank, then washed, dried, and milled for more acidic coffee with better taste.

Ins and Outs

There’s no wasting time in getting to the good stuff. Once picked, the beans are quickly extracted through one of two processing methods.

Welcome Home

After a careful quality inspection, our beloved beans are packed up and sent to Canada for roasting.

Quality Time

The beans are tested multiple times over the course of their journey from plant to cup, so all that’s left is quality coffee.

Grand Finale

A proper roast is everything, which is why ours are performed in small batches to give our coffee its indisputable greatness.